In Support of the Art: William Levy (The Story So Far)

In Support Of The Art / January 27, 2012

In Support Of The Art is a feature which will run on Fridays. Each entry will focus on a different musician and his very own collection of vinyl records. If you’re a musician who’d like to get involved, you can email us at

For our readers, tell us a little bit about yourself and the band you play in?

I play guitar in band called The Story So Far, live in California and like to get crazy. I’ve been into music for basically my whole life. It was always between baseball and guitar lessons. I stuck with baseball for as long as I could and when I reached high school I didn’t care for it as much. So I continued to play music. I found a group of friends and joined their band a few years later. My dad taught me how to play guitar, he was always in bands when I was growing up, I really looked up to him.

What drew you to the vinyl format in the first place?

My friend Morgan always had a collection of cool hardcore records and then another friend started collecting and I just naturally fell into the cycle. We’d go to Rasputins in Berkeley and spend the night looking through records.

What are the pieces of your collection which you could never see yourself parting with?

I could never part with my Into It. Over It.’s “Twelve Town” 7″ split series. I’ve got all 6 of them, I think I’m missing a few colors though. Ill never get rid of Elliott Smith’s “Figure 8.” My friend Kelen gave me “Dear You” from Jawbreaker and that is one of my all time favorite records, won’t let go of that. A Tribe Called Quest’s “Anthology” is also one I will never split with. I received A.F.I.’s “Sing The Sorrow” this year, that’s a keeper.

Are there any record pressings you regret missing out on?

In a way I do, I’m sure there are plenty of records I could’ve gotten but at the time I didn’t know about the band or have enough money, so it’s ok. Plus I probably needed the money while on the road.

Is there anything you’re currently on the hunt for?

I’m waiting for Sabertooth Zombie to write and record Human Performance IV. I did hold two copies of Third Eye Blinds Self Titled while in Japan, I just didn’t have the yen for it.

What are your preferred places to shop for vinyl?

Rasputins was awesome a few years back, but they have downsized so much that I don’t really shop there. Run For Cover Records, Poly Vinyl, Hellfish, Deathwish, Topshelf Records, Twelve Gauge Records are all great places to get records.

 Does your band plan on releasing future tracks onto vinyl?

I think we will always release our music on vinyl, we like the product. It always looks and sounds better. It’s more classic and it’s great to have the extra artwork.

Does your band make an effort to get the music pressed on vinyl or do you guys leave it all up to the label?

We always make an effort to get artwork we like, colors of the records that are unique to us, because we collect them. It’s a way to present music to new fans. CDs are on their way out and having a record is an easy way to support a band and have a piece to collect. It’s something tangible that shows you support music.

 What does the band have planned for the future?

I’m flying to the UK to tour with TSSF and Man Overboard for about 12 days. After that we head to the East Coast to start a 2 month tour with The Wonder Years, Polar Bear Club, Transit, Into It. Over It, and A Loss for Words, a few more tours then home for awhile. More writing when we get home, we all miss writing music together right now.

Favorite album artwork?

Sabertooth Zombie- Do you think that your fathers are watching? That they weigh you in their ledgerbook? Against what? There is no book and your fathers are dead in the ground?

Favorite track one, side one?

Converge’s “Dark Horse” from Axe To Fall

Favorite closing song?

Polar Bear Club’s “Convinced I’m Wrong” from Sometimes Things Just Disappear

You can check out The Story So Far on their Facebook, here, and their Tumblr, here. You can pick up the band’s EP “While You Were Sleeping” on a 12″ vinyl from Animal Style Records here. This is a very limited pressing with only the color purple left which is limited to 200. Also, their debut LP “Under Soil and Dirt” is on it’s second pressing and can be bought here from Pure Noise Records. It is available in Green Splatter and Solid Red.

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