In Support of the Art: Duane Okun (Socratic)

In Support Of The Art / February 10, 2012

In Support Of The Art is a feature which will run on Fridays. Each entry will focus on a different musician and his very own collection of vinyl records. If you’re a musician who’d like to get involved, you can email us at

For our readers, what band are you a part of and what do you play?

My name is Duane Okun and I’m in a band called Socratic. I sing and play guitar.

What drew you to the vinyl format in the first place?

My sister had a record player in her room for a long time. She moved out at some point and I basically took over her room. She left the player so that’s how I started getting into them. I feel the records sound so much better than anything else. It feels so real to me like it’s some sort of tangible thing and not just sound.

What are the pieces of your collection which you could never see yourself parting with?

Anything I have of the Beatles. They are my favorite band and I could not give any of them up.

What’s the record you most regret missing out on?

I do not have Sgt. Pepper on vinyl. I’m sure I will soon, though. I can’t imagine how people felt in ’67 when they first got a hold of it and went home to play it for the first time. Must have been mind blowing.

Is there anything you’re currently on the hunt for?

I was looking for an original In Utero, but have not found it. I was thinking that would be a nice record to have.

What are your preferred places to shop for vinyl?

A lot of times you can find them at garage sales. People just get rid of them.

Favorite album artwork?

Magical Mystery Tour, because it has a 24-page picture book in it.

Favorite track one, side one?

The Byrds Greatest Hits “Hey Mr. Tambourine Man.”  Favorite side one: Rubber Soul

Favorite closing song?

“Tomorrow Never Knows” from Revolver.

Can we expect Socratic albums on vinyl any time soon?

Yes. We are tying to get this all together. I never had a Socratic record before, so for me, I would love to have one personally; to get to see the artwork huge and in your face and not just online or on a tiny CD. Plus we could add more art into it, maybe even a couple new songs on the record.

You can listen to Socratic’s self titled album here, where you can also pick up the digital version. Would that beautiful artwork look great on a vinyl package or what?

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