Review: Blink 182 – Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Reviews / March 5, 2012

A Blink 182 classic gets a righteous repress (HT pressing)

You’d be hard pressed to find a band more loved in the last two decades than Blink 182. Along with consistently releasing albums that have gone down as classics in today’s music scene, the band also showed that in a time filled with boy bands and rap, guitars and drums were still very much alive. And with the sudden interest in the vinyl format, there has been a huge push to press all of Blink 182’s albums onto vinyl. No album has had a bigger demand for a vinyl repressing than “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.”

“Take off Your Pants and Jacket” was released on June 12, 2001, debuting at #1 in its first week on the Billboard 200 (the only Blink 182 album to do so). From the comedic pun in the title itself to the hit songs that have lasted through the last decade, the album is one of Blink 182’s greatest releases. To illustrate its longevity, the band continues to play at least five songs from the album on tour each time they hit the road.

Simply put, the album is a great representation of what Blink 182 is all about. They create technically simple songs that are extremely catchy and easy to sing along to. “Anthem Part 2,” “First Date” and “The Rock Show,” are just a few of the tracks that fall into that simple, yet effective category. Couple that with the music video for “First Date,” which is still one of the funniest videos to hit the scene, and the opening video for “The Rock Show,” and you can see just how much of an impact TOYPAJ had on music at the time. It did a great job of showing exactly what Blink 182 stood for, which was just having fun with music. They never took themselves too seriously, and the music on this album exemplifies that theme.

Not only did it have the catchy and fast-paced songs, but it also showed a softer side of Blink 182 with tracks like “Story of a Lonely Guy” and “Stay Together for the Kids.”  “Stay Together for the Kids” deals with the concept of divorce and how it can rip a family apart, while “Story of a Lonely Guy” deals with the common theme of feeling alone in life. No longer was the band a one-dimensional act. Personally, it’s one of my favorite Blink 182 albums and it got me through a lot of trying times while growing up. Everyone has that one album they always went back to while coming to age and TOYPAJ was that album for me.

For all these reasons, a pressing of the album was one of my (along with many others) most wanted. Hot Topic did a vinyl pressing of the album in 2010, which was out of 2,000. As you can imagine, these went quickly. For the last few years, the only way of getting one of those 2,000 pressed was paying well over $100 on Ebay. Then the fans had a glimmer of hope when Mightier Than Sword Records announced that they were going to do a full repressing of the album. This repressing was met with delays and the release date kept getting pushed back. This all eventually led to Hot Topic deciding to do another repressing of the album, limited of 500 and on 180-gram black.

Sound Quality: The album sounds excellent on vinyl. The 180-gram vinyl automatically makes for a higher quality sound, allowing all those intricate details you may have missed on the CD to finally show up. The song “Reckless Abandon” even has an old vinyl sound with a crackling intro, which makes this a perfect track to be heard on the format. Also, listening to this album loudly through the speakers is exactly how it was meant to be heard.

Packaging: The jacket for this pressing was the same as the original Hot Topic pressing. It’s in a gatefold jacket with the lyrics and different pictures of Mark, Tom and Travis in the middle of the album. It’s a quality jacket and looks great. The entire album fit on one LP which makes it more convenient while playing.

Extras:  The one criticism of this pressing is that it does not include the additional bonus songs the album originally came with. There were four editions of the album when it was first released, including the original version, and the “Red Take Off,” the “Yellow Pants,” and the “Green Jacket” versions. Each of these three different variations came with two additional tracks, one being a serious song while the other was a joke song. Unfortunately, only the original version of the album is included in this pressing. Having these additional tracks would have made the collection for this album complete.

Summary:  “Take off Your Pants and Jacket” is one of my all time favorite albums from Blink 182. It’s gone triple platinum and is the band’s second highest selling album. So I’m not alone in loving it. For a long time, there has been a gap in my vinyl record collection. The recent pressing of this album by Hot Topic filled that gap.

Make Sure to Spin: “First Date” and “Stay Together for the Kids”



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Bill Houck

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