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Reviews / March 21, 2012

When the lineup for The Glamour Kills Tour was released, I was excited to get a ticket. But when I found out that a 12” vinyl compilation was going to be available with the order of the ticket, the tour officially became a must see. Most of the time there’s no physical object other than a ticket to remember a show by (unless you’re one of those people who watch the whole show through a phone or camera). You could buy a piece of merch from the band, but over the years, it’s hard to remember exactly what concert it’s from. Thus, you’re left with the memories of the crowd surfers flying high above you, which eventually fade. But a tour compilation, on a physical format that you can possess forever and keep in your collection? That’s something that won’t be easily forgotten.

The Glamour Kills Tour for this year includes the bands, Into it. Over It., A Loss For Words, The Story So Far, Transit, Polar Bear Club and The Wonder Years. The vinyl that was included in the ticket bundle had each of these bands covering a song from another artist on the tour. To me, the idea was genius. What’s better than having some of your favorite artists covering each other?

Following is a track by track review:

The Wonder Years – “Anchor” (originally done by Into It. Over It.): “Anchor” shows a slow, and in turn, more emotional side of The Wonder Years, who are usually more fast paced and upbeat. The track begins at that slower pace with just the lead singer and guitar in the background. Then, slowly, the rest of the band joins the song until it all comes to a breaking point at around the 1:20 mark. From then on, The Wonder Years make the song their own with an explosion of pop-punk energy.

Into It. Over It. – “Don’t Let Me Cave In” (originally done by The Wonder Years): Into It. Over It. takes “Don’t Let Me Cave In” from The Wonder Years and totally strips it down. With just a guitar, the song still works, even holding its own against the energetic original. Into It. Over It. does a great job with the track and like The Wonder Years stated in the Cleveland show, did it justice.

Polar Bear Club – “Skipping Stone” (originally done by Transit): Polar Bear Club has a very unique sound, mostly due to the lead singer’s voice. They take a more pop-influenced Transit song and made it sound like a Polar Bear Club original. The lead singer’s voice was perfect for the track and the rest of the band did a great job taking an acoustic jam and making it entirely rock-based. It’s a great rendition and could easily be included in future set lists for the band.

Transit- “Resent and Resistance” (originally done by Polar Bear Club): As previously mentioned, Transit usually has the more classic pop punk sound, while Polar Bear Club is a bit more difficult to describe. Despite the differences, Transit does a great job putting their influence into “Resent and Resistance,” originally off Polar Bear Club’s EP, “The Redder, The Better.” The original has some screaming throughout, but Transit was able to cut it out and still make a quality cover.

The Story So Far- “Wrightsville Beach” (originally done by A Loss For Words): “Wrightsville Beach” by The Story So Far is completely different than anything the band has ever done. The song itself is in the pop punk genre but The Story So Far transform it into a straight punk song. They utilize screams throughout its entirely showing that the band is willing to take a chance, which worked for them.

A Loss For Words – “Quicksand” (originally done by The Story So Far):  A Loss For Words also did a good job with The Story So Far’s “Quicksand,” staying true to the original, while giving it their own twist. They actually made the song catchier than it originally was, adding yet another great cover to the album.

Sound Quality: The sound was very clear. Each cover song sounds excellent through the speakers.

Packaging:  The packaging was pretty basic with just a black vinyl and no lyric insert or anything. However, the picture on the jacket is of a scenic farm, which works for the release.

Extras: The vinyl comes with a digital download card, which is always a nice extra.

Summary: Even though all these bands are on the tour together, their musical styles are all different. Each band took the cover song and gave it their own originality and touch.  And even though the cover songs took the bands out of their element, the good news is that it all worked and showed what each band could really do. The bundle package for the tour was a great idea and gives the fan something they can always remember this tour by even after multiple concerts down the road.

Make Sure to Spin: “Anchor” by The Wonder Years and “Don’t Let Me Cave In” by Into It. Over It.

The 12” vinyl is on sale at all the tour dates for the Glamour Kills Tour (until they sell out). You can listen to all the tracks here.

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Bill Houck

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