Over at Rise Records, you can now pre-order several different packages that include “Everything You Ever Loved,” the upcoming album from Make Do & Mend. The purchase options include:

  • A $60 package with a tri-color wedge vinyl (limited to 200), a “Lucky” 7″ single (limited to 500), two T-shirts, a photobook, a poster and more
  • A $26 package with an ultra clear vinyl (limited to 300), a “Lucky” 7″ single and a couple of posters
  • A $15 package with a gold vinyl (limited to 500) and a digital download

There are a few other packages, but those are three that hit on every color of vinyl Rise Records is offering. There is also a deep purple vinyl available (limited to 500), which I assume is the retail version. You can watch the video for “Lucky” below. The album is set to be released on June 19th.