Over at Fearless Records, you can now pre-order the brand new repressing of At The Drive In’s “In/Casino/Out.” The record, which has previously popped up at overseas distributors, is available on clear vinyl and on gray with pink splatter vinyl (limited to 2,000).

The record is also available in a bundle package, which features a CD and a T-shirt. The record will come out on July 17th.

Update 6/22/12: Hot Topic will also have the gray with pink splatter vinyl on release day, priced at $16.99. Fearless’ stock is limited to 500 of the variant, while HT will receive the other 1500. All other retailers will have the record on clear vinyl.

Update 7/2/12: The item is now up for sale at Shop Radio Cast, on clear vinyl (limited to 1,500). It’s also available through Interpunk.