Kickstarter Roundup: July 5th

Special Features / July 5, 2012

The Kickstarter Roundup keeps you up-to-date on all the vinyl-related projects that are in action over at the fundraising site. If you have a project that we’ve missed, please send it over to

Press the new album from The Original Cowards

The Details — The Original Cowards have finished their new record (which you can hear examples of at Soundcloud) and are looking to raise funds for a physical release on CD and vinyl. According to the project, the band “loves the way they sound warmer and richer than cd’s and mp3’s; the way an album looks spinning on a turntable; and we love the album jacket and inner sleeves, etc. as a place for cool artwork, photos, lyrics and what not.”

Minimum Pledge — A pledge of $20 or more will get you a copy of the album on vinyl, along with a digital download.

Where They’re At — They have surpassed their funding goal of $2,000 and the page is now acting as a pre-order. There’s 30 hours remaining in funding.

Cadaver Dogs look to record full length, press onto vinyl

The Details — Cadaver Dogs, a band out of Columbus, Ohio, is looking for funds in order to record their debut full length record, complete with a special and limited vinyl release. The music is “chock full of flesh-ripping riffs, thunderous bass, chest-pounding drums, and of course lots of lyrics about drugs and blow jobs.” They will be pressing the record on multi-color splatter vinyl, limited to 666 hand-numbered copies. Each record will look different.

Minimum Pledge — A pledge of $20 will get you the vinyl record. A pledge of $100 will get you a test pressing of the record.

Where They’re At — Currently, the band has raised $3,611 of a $10,000 goal. There are 24 days remaining in funding.

The Devil and a Penny needs your pennies

The Details — The Devil and a Penny, a band out of Massachusetts, is looking to press 500 copies of their first official release, entitled “Steamboat.” Any additional money raised will go directly towards the band’s August tour.

Minimum Pledge — For a pledge of $25, you’ll receive the album on vinyl, CD and through digital format.

Where They’re At — They are currently at $1,035 out of a $2,000 goal. There are 24 days remaining.

Help press the Matlock and Mr. Green EP onto vinyl

The Details —Matlock, a veteran lyricist and recording artist is teaming up with the producer known as Mr. Green for an EP full of hip-hop anthems. They are looking to press the EP onto vinyl and any money they raise past their goal amount will be put toward improving the eventual vinyl packaging. As they state, “the better the funding, the better the outcome of the physical product.”

Minimum Pledge — For a pledge of $13, you’ll be able to pick up the EP on vinyl. For $75, you’ll receive a test pressing of the record.

Where They’re At — The artist has already surpassed his funding goal, raising $1,800 to date. There are 50 days remaining in funding, so the project is now acting as a pre-order page.

‘A Day In The Life’ with Mark Lavengood

The Details — Mark Lavengood, a full-time resonator guitarist with Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys, is looking for funds in order to invest in a custom-made resonator guitar, along with the recording of a 7″ record. The record will represent his dobro and straight steel guitar playing. Side A will be a song recorded with Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys, which will represent his resonator guitar playing and flat picking. On Side B, he will record two original tracks with Mark Lavengood Steel Guitar Band to represent straight steel guitar playing.

Minimum Pledge — A pledge of $10 or more will get you the 7″ record. For a pledge of $25, you’ll receive three records from Lavengood’s personal collection. He’s also offering different packages that include personal guitar lessons.

Where They’re At — Currently, the project is at $3,774 out of a $6,380 goal. There are 35 hours remaining.

Make a vinyl edition of Franklin Bruno’s new album

The Details —Franklin Bruno is looking to release his brand new album, entitled “Another” onto vinyl so that “our insect overlords can enjoy it in our inevitable post-apocalyptic future, when laptops have been replaced by hand-(or-claw)-cranked gramophones.” The music has already been mastered, but the funds will be for the highest-quality double 10″ pressing funds will allow. The covers will be designed by graphic novelist David Heatley (My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down) and printed by Dan Selzer of Acute Records.

Minimum Pledge — A pledge of $20 will get you the double 10″ package, signed and numbered.

Where They’re At — Currently, he’s at $4,531 of a $5,000 goal. There are 15 days remaining.

Too Tight! full length vinyl LP release

The Details — Too Tight!, a group which “tips a hat to 60’s soul/jazz & gospel pioneers” is looking for funds to press and create a full length LP. The music is already recorded, but the band is looking to get money for the pressing of vinyl, along with funds for graphic design work and mixing/mastering. The band hails from Montana.

Minimum Pledge — You can receive a copy of the vinyl record with a pledge of $25 or more. With a $50 pledge, you’ll receive an autographed copy of the LP. The vinyl records include a digital download.

Where They’re At — They’ve already surpassed their goal of $1,600 dollars ($3,005). Now, the page is acting as a pre-order. There are three days remaining.

Chris Alvarado wants to make a vinyl record

The Details — Chris Alvarado, a country and folk artist out of Florida, is looking for funds to press a run of 200 clear vinyl copies of a “very special record.” The collection of tracks will include several songs which will only be available on the record. According to Alvarado, he will “plan to include some of my favorite originals that are on my current self titled release…while also re-recording a few of the tracks to allow for a more organic interpretation of the songs and to provide a unique sound for this special project.”

Minimum Pledge — A minimum pledge of $55 will get you the vinyl record, with your name also being printed in the album’s notes.

Where They’re At — Currently, he’s at $1,220 of a $2,200 goal. The project has 22 days remaining.

Future Oak Records

The Details — Future Oak Records is a budding label which looks to “transcend traditional vinyl releases, offering a rare treasure for those who value handmade craftsmanship and analog music. We are working with amazing musicians to re-establish a sense of worth for music in the digital age.” Employing a small, yet talented stable of artists, the label also wants to “pair our releases with high quality letterpress packaging, unique artwork, photography, short stories – even comic books.” If you’re into packaging as much as music itself, this label may be right up your alley. The label is looking to build up funds to construct their first release.

Minimum Pledge — While there are several smaller rewards, the first reward which gets you an actual record comes at $150. OAK-000, which is exclusive to Kickstarter, is a split 7″. It will be your only chance at the release.

Where They’re At — The label is at $5,971 with 2 days remaining. They are looking to raise $8,800.

The Japonize Elephants are releasing a new album!

The Details — The Japonize Elephants, based out of San Francisco, are looking for funds to help with the costs of recording, mixing & mastering the album, artwork and layout, CD duplication, vinyl mastering and duplication, merchandise, and publicity. The band was previously signed to Secretly Canadian Records, but is now self-releasing their first album in over 4 years. This will be the first time their music has ever been pressed to vinyl.

Minimum Pledge — A pledge of $50 will get you a copy of the record, along with a digital download. Every reward on up will also give you the vinyl record.

Where They’re At — Currently, the band is at $7,865 of a $10,000 goal. They have 65 hours remaining.


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