MCS releases sample of upcoming 7″

News / September 1, 2012

Over the past few months, Motion City Soundtrack, along with Mad Dragon Records, have slowly been announcing details about their “Making Moves” series. The series, which features several up and coming artists, is releasing a 7″ from each of the selected bands throughout 2012. So far, the 7″ records from The Company We Keep and Brick + Mortar are up for sale.

Motion City Soundtrack, who themselves are the final band in the series, recently spoke to Property Of Zack about their 7″ contribution, which is expected to come out in November.

With the Motion City 7”, we know you guys recorded the album over the summer and the 7” will come after it. The first song we heard from the album was a bit poppier. Is the 7” the same theme musically?
Well, we had one song that we thought was the single that was super poppy and catchy, of the 7”. Then we had another song that was super slow and weird. It never made it to the last record we recorded, actually the last two records we recorded. But then we used it for this. And I think we like that song even more than the song that was going to be the single. We were rehearsing that in there for the first time ever and I think we are going to trying to play it tonight. None of us have played it before in one run through, but we’ll see. On the 7” there’s like one of each (downbeat and upbeat). I think when you download it you get an extra song with it, a b-side, but that’s a cover.”

It’s actually news to me that MCS is participating in the series, as I thought they were just curating it. With their addition, the lineup continues to get better and better.

Update 9/1/12: The band has posted a teaser video for the release, which can be seen below.

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