Review: Goldrush — Making Moves

Reviews / September 2, 2012

Goldrush’s back country brand of rock presents unique new voice

Mad Dragon Records/The Boombox Generation

As Goldrush opens up their entry in the Making Moves 7″ series with “REX,” you’re immediately struck by their unique mixture of sound. Treesa Gold presents frantic violin work more suited to a hoedown than a rock concert. Prabir Mehta mixes prehistoric references into self reflective lyrical work. And Matt Gold (upright bass) and Gregg Brooks (drums) add a pure rock touch, forming a combination not often seen in today’s spectrum of sound. Because with their newest release, the Virginia-based group does something that longtime bands may never achieve: they carve out a truly unique identity.

“REX” begins the formation of that identity, serving as a solid opener and the lone track found on Side A. Coming in at only two minutes long is the song’s only downfall, with its energy drawing you in, only to leave you wanting more at its conclusion. The real highlight comes on Side B, though, with “Settle Down.” A touch of the blues can be readily heard amongst Mehta’s verse work, with the frontman taking center stage and the band’s various instrumentals drifting in and out of the backdrop. The track builds slowly, finally hitting a fever pitch at the 2:45 mark, in the single’s greatest moment. Mehta’s unique vocal work is tested to its fullest, while a series of backup singers and solid work on the drums present a big, rock triumph.

Sound Quality: Muddled would be the best way to describe the sound on this release. Previous entries of the Making Moves series have sounded clean and crisp, but the songs from Goldrush lacked that clarity, especially “REX.” And for a track with its sort of frantic energy, you’d expect the sound to pop just a bit more. The quality is improved on “Settle Down,” really opening up with a powerful and excellent bridge. Despite that moment, the quality just doesn’t match up with the other series entries released so far.

Packaging: As with each entry in the series, the packaging is quite simple, with just the record and outer sleeve present. No insert is given and no lyrics are provided, but they at least put some of the band credits on the center label. And similar to previous entries, the vinyl record’s color matches the sleeve’s artwork (in this case, green). By the end of the series, they should have a really impressive spectrum of colors. A digital download is included with the release.

Summary: With Goldrush’s 7″ entry in the Making Moves series, the band has managed to present its unique voice, unlike anything else the project has released to date. Influences range from rockabilly, to country, to the blues, all combining to form an exciting brand of alt-rock. It’s no wonder the band was handpicked by Motion City Soundtrack’s Matt Taylor. Both groups manage to combine an unusual style with an extraordinary amount of energy. The only downfall for this release is the sound quality, which doesn’t match up to the high standard the project has previously set for itself.

Make Sure To Spin: “Rex” and “Settle Down.” The two tracks combine to form a running time of six minutes, you’ve got time for both.

You can pick up the single over at Interpunk. You can also read our reviews for the other Making Moves entries, including our piece on The Company We Keep and Brick + Mortar.

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