MCR pressing ‘Conventional Weapons’

Preorders / September 17, 2012

My Chemical Romance recently announced details of their Conventional Weapons” release, which will consist of a 7″ singles series.  “Conventional Weapons” is made up of songs that came from the pre-sessions of Danger Days,” which were eventually scrapped. The 10 songs will be split into five different 7″ records, their release beginning on October 30th.

  • You can get all five 7″s in a set for $49.99.  There is an option to receive the records individually on their respective street dates or you can wait until they are all released and get the set all at once. A custom slip box is included to hold the series. The 10 songs are delivered digitally on their street date. If you decide to wait to get them all at once, they will be shipped on the street date of the last record (February 5th, 2013).  These packages are available for pre-order now.
  • You can also get each 7″ by itself for a price of $7.98 . The first 7″ is now up for pre-order on orange vinyl.
  • The individual records will also be available through Hot Topic.

Below is the track listing and release date for each 7″.

Title: Number One
A-side: Boy Division
B-side: Tomorrow’s Money
Release date: October 30, 2012

Title: Number Two
B-side: Gun.
Release date: Black Friday, November 23, 2012

Title: Number Three
A-side: The World Is Ugly
B-side: The Light Behind Your Eyes
Release date: Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Title: Number Four
A-side: Kiss The Ring
B-side: Make Room!!!!
Release date: Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Title: Number Five
A-side: Surrender The Night
B-side: Burn Bright
Release date: Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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Bill Houck

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