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Black Friday 2012 / News / November 20, 2012

Third Man Records, which opens at 10 a.m. for this week’s Black Friday celebration, has announced its complete plans for the big day. Previously, the label announced its releases, which includes three 7″ singles from The White Stripes. Those releases will be available nationwide in independent record stores. As you see, though, the label will have plenty of exclusives for those who make the trip to Nashville.

Third Man Records is inviting you, your family (yes, even those creepy cousins from the kids table) and loved ones to join us the day following Thanksgiving, also known as BLACK FRIDAY, for the Grand Opening of The Third Man Records Novelty Lounge. We’ve expanded our record shop space and it’s now equipped with a dazzling array of coin operated contraptions and attractions guaranteed to pop your peepers and flip your wig. Dig?

Thrill your eyes and ears with Third Man’s new Scopitone machine!

For the uninitiated, Scopitones were a type of jukebox that instead of playing records played 16mm music videos. Doing what we do best at Third Man (combining the state-of-the-art with the beauty and soul of the past) visitors to the Third Man Novelties Lounge can choose from 36 different videos from the Third Man catalog, ALL on 16mm film with high-fidelity optical sound using a laser instead of magnetic tape…the only Scopitone in the world to do so. It’s also the only Scopitone in the world playing modern music videos (is it the only working Scopitone in a public place AT ALL? you tell us).

Learn more about Scopitones and see some old films here:

After over twelve months in the making, Third Man Records is excited to unveil their very own custom Mold-a-Rama machine. Usually found at zoos or museums, these machines spit out brightly colored wax/plastic molds of everything from a John Deer Tractor, a tyrannosaurus or a bust of President Kennedy. TMR’s machine is currently outfitted to pump out a fire-engine red miniature of Jack White’s classic Airline guitar from the White Stripes and we’re already planning on additional molds to swap out in the future.

Visit for all kinds of history and classic photos of the Mold-a-Rama world.

And last but most certainly not least, you can now take a strip of film photographs as a memento of your visit to Third Man in our all-analog Dip ‘n’ Dunk, full-color Third Man Records Photo Booth. This booth used to be located in our live venue Blue Room, but now we finally have space for customers to access it in the new expanded store. Just so you know, this ain’t no lame digital photo booth at your local mall movieplex. These are real photographs developed in a miniature photo lab darkroom inside the machine (known amongst analog aficionados as a “dip and dunk” machine).

To top it all off, all this gadgetry operatates on newly-minted Third Man Records custom tokens! Why not pick up a bunch and throw ’em in Junior’s stocking this Christmas? Seriously… why not?

To celebrate the occasion and to get in the spirit of Record Store Day’s annual Black Friday event, we’ll have some limited edition vinyl for sale in our shop and also be holding a pretty mighty sale in the store and in on our online shop as well. Available at Third Man only will be 100 Tri Color 45s of Jack White’s I’m Shakin single. We’ll also have for the first time anywhere, our brand new Tempest Storm Green Series (TMR 129) single (WORLDWIDE RELEASE DATE, TBA!). While a Green Series spoken word record with the world’s oldest burlesque dancer Tempest Storm would usually be enough to get worked up about, we’ve gone the extra mile with this release. The record is a picture disc that, when coupled with some household items (flashlight, drinking glass) and not-so-household items (magical Bolt-a-Trope disc…provided!) turns into a quick keyhole peek-a-boo glimpse at the wonderful Miss Storm performing her patented tease. The effect truly needs to be seen to be believed and is in the style of one of the original “motion picture” methods called a zoetrope.

Now, let’s talk about The White Stripes! To go along with the previously announced Limited Edition Opaque Red Vinyl re-issue singles from The White Stripes from the White Blood Cells album (listed below) we also have some in-store Black Friday goodies available. For example… An authorized re-print of the first ever White Stripes silk-screened poster done by Von Munz (50 copies for sale on Friday), White Stripes Turntables… AND MORE.

Black Friday 2012 will be held on Friday, November 23rd.

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