Over at Amazon, they’ve put up a pre-order for the vinyl pressing of At The Drive In’s Acrobatic Tenement, the band’s debut full length which has never been released on vinyl previously. Fearless Records released pressings for both Vaya and In/Casino/Out in 2012, so we’ll have to wait and see in regard to if they’re handling this release, as well. Fearless also reissued Acrobatic Tenement on CD in 2004.

We’ll be updating this post as more information comes out. Both releases last year had several color variations available through different retailers. The pressing will reportedly be released on March 5th. You can see the tracklisting below.

1. Star Slight
2. Schaffino
3. Ebroglio
4. Initiation
5. Communication Drive-In
6. Skips on the Record
7. Paid Vacation Time
8. Ticklish
9. Blue Tag
10. Coating of Arms
11. Porfirio Diaz

Update 1/30/13: According to Digital Spy, the album will be pressed on translucent red vinyl.