Cassette Corner — June 2013

Cassette Corner / Special Features / July 3, 2013

Cassette Corner is a column devised and constructed by Modern Vinyl contributor Matt Bergeron. Centering on his love for another vintage format, cassette tapes, Matt will be looking at the various and notable tape releases available (or previously available) to readers. This month, he’s looking at selections from Andrew Thomson, Tawny Peaks and New Found Glory.

Andrew Thomson — Honesty Is A Confidence Problem
Secret Voice

Released on Secret Voice and distributed by Deathwish, Andrew Thomson (Single Mothers) has released his first solo effort, titled Honesty Is A Confidence Problem. With the harsh and frantic vibe of his primary musical concern, Single Mothers, you would almost expect this solo EP to do the same; upon the opening note, though, any expectations of that are completely squashed. The cassette begins with “Bad Catholic” a beautifully written and composed acoustic track, making you feel as if you’re sitting around with friends, listening to your buddy’s newly developed, written on a diner napkin, track. “Buss Pass” follows and is easily the strongest track on the EP, with a folk laden guitar line helping Thomson tell a story that completely consumes the listener. The whole EP gives off a really strong Dustin Kensrue vibe, even if the lyrics aren’t exactly focused on the same subject areas. If you enjoy a stripped down sound, and well written lyrics, this is a must have for any cassette enthusiast.

The solid red tape is housed in a clear case with a full color, three-panel J-Card that includes lyrics. A download code is included, making this an all around solid release from Thomson and Secret Voice.

Tawny Peaks — Self Titled
Skeletal Lightning (sold out)

In the wake of the 90’s emo revival comes New Jersey-based Tawny Peaks. Their self-titled full length — serving as a perfect blend of the pop-rock and emo genres — features dueling male and female vocals, allowing for the band to stand out in an over saturated market. Vocally they’ll draw comparisons to Tigers Jaw, which would be a fair assessment. Despite that similarity, though, the group is slowly but surely carving themselves deep into the scene.

For Skeletal Lighting’s first release, they took the DIY route with handwritten A and B-side labels. The hand-numbered cassette is housed in a standard clear case, along with a simple yet elegant full color J-card. And since the cassette version is now sold out, you’re able to pre-order the full length on vinyl via Meadowbrook Records.

New Found Glory — A Very New Found Glory Christmas (pictured above)
Self Released (still available on tour)

New Found Glory has always been known for giving their fans products you’d consider different and exciting. During Christmas of 2012 they self released A Very NFG Christmas, a wonderful, holiday-themed romp including three unconventional covers and two originals, one of which is “Ex–Miss,” a fan favorite. Their rendition of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” displays the humorous side of the band we all I know and love, while overall, the tape is a fun release that’s clearly not meant to be taken too seriously.

Two colors were pressed; white (limited to 1,000, tour exclusive) and clear red (limited to 1,000, webstore exclusive). There’s nothing too special about the packaging, but the artwork itself is a wonderful take on the classic Christmas movie, Home Alone. And what Christmas release would be complete without Chevy Chase plastered on the artwork? Seriously, I don’t know…. Tell me.

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Christopher Lantinen
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