Zola Jesus gives tracks ‘bare-bone’ treatment

Preorders / July 9, 2013

Versions, a new vinyl release from Zola Jesus, is now up for pre-order at Sacred Bones Records. The new record has Nika Roza Danilova taking her tracks, reinterpreting them and reducing each one to the ‘bone of the music’ within a live setting at NYC’s Guggenheim art museum. For the full description, we turn to Sacred Bones:

On the heels of her Conatus world tour, Nika Roza Danilova was offered an opportunity to perform at one of the most prestigious modern art museums in the world, NY’s Guggenheim. Rather than doing her standard electronic set she decided she wanted to work with a classical composer who could arrange her songs for a quartet. She recruited legendary industrial pioneer JG Thirlwell (Foetus) to do the arrangements, who, since his work as Foetus, has been scoring and composing symphonic arrangements for a variety of projects including currently scoring Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros. series. Thirlwell’s oeuvre runs the gamut from orchestrations, big band, and cathartic noise-rock to abstract electronics, sound sculpture, and chamber music, thus making him the perfect collaborator to help realize Danilova’s vision. Danilova explains her intentions with this album,“Versions is about the bone of the music; taking approximations from past records and turning them inside out. With all framework exposed, the songs are given a new medium in which to evolve and bloom into their own tiny worlds.” Removing the bulk of electronics from these songs gives them the space to breath, thusly opening them up to be received by a much wider audience who perhaps haven’t previously ventured into the techno-pop/industrial arena.

Currently, the record is only available in the standard vinyl format, but a deluxe version is upcoming. Usually, the deluxe versions at Sacred Bones include silk-screened packaging and are hand-numbered. The album will be released on August 20th.

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