Wise Up Ghost, the upcoming collaborative full length album from Elvis Costello and The Roots, is now up for pre-order. Details regarding the vinyl pressing are currently scarce, but it appears to be a 2xLP set. A small amount of test pressings were actually distributed on Record Store Day, but how and where they were distributed has remained a mystery.

The album will be released on September 17th. You can see the tracklisting for the album below.

1. Walk Us Uptown
2. Sugar
3. Refuse to be Saved
4. Wake Me Up
5. Tripwire
6. Stick Out Your Tongue
7. Come the Meantimes
8. Grenade
9. Cinco Minutos Con Vos
10. Viceroy’s Row
11. Wise Up Ghost
12. If I Could Believe
13. Can You Hear Me
14. My New Haunt
15. Puppet