On Friday, October 25th, at Mondo’s gallery opening in Austin, Texas, the label and artist collective will be selling three variants of a 7″ record in honor of the comic book series and television program: Tales From The Crypt. The gallery, which is also honoring the comic/program, is currently, the only listed place where you can pick up the records. The three variants are as follows:

Tales From The Crypt 7″
Side A) Tales From The Crypt theme song by Danny Elfman
Side B) The Crypt Jam

Version A:
Edition of 500
Artwork by ‘Ghoulish’ Gary Pullin, featuring Die-Cut jacket & Black vinyl.

Version B:
Edition of 250
Artwork by Randy Ortiz, featuring Blood Red vinyl w/ Black haze

Version C:
Edition of 250
Artwork by ‘Ghoulish’ Gary Pullin, featuring Slime Green vinyl.

You can see the artwork to all three versions, below.