SRC unveils 2014 Vol. 1 Subscription Series

For Sale / News / December 23, 2013

Online vinyl distro/reissue powerhouse Shop Radio Cast has announced four of the 14 titles comprising its 2014 Vol. 1 vinyl subscription series:

  • SRC041: Chevelle Wonder What’s Next (2002) – 2xLP (first pressing)
  • SRC042: Lit A Place in the Sun (1999) – 2xLP (Last pressed in 1999)
  • SRC043: Switchfoot The Beautiful Letdown (2003) – LP (first pressing)
  • SRC047: Mew Frengers (2003) 2xLP (last pressed in 2003)

Release announcements for the remainder of the series’ titles will be meted out during the next few months.

While details on these titles remain scarce, SRC promises that series  subscribers will receive “the most limited variant available on the release date,” complete with a numbered sticker and upgraded sleeve. Full subscription members will receive additional incentives, including discounted rates on SRC products, priority pre-orders on select releases, and a newsletter with exclusive information on upcoming reissues.

SRC’s 2014 Vol. 1 vinyl subscription series is limited to 200 memberships. Half-Subscriptions are also available, but it’s unclear whether or not these memberships count toward the 200 total.

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Trevor Read
Trevor Read is a contributor and occasional reviewer for Modern Vinyl. In addition to collecting other people's music, he writes and performs his own with the alt/indie band DIVORCE. Trevor currently works as an all-purpose everyman at a small indie record label/distributor in Pittsburgh, PA.

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