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Reviews / January 30, 2014

Music transcends culture with newest 7″ from Big Spin

Hooked On Records

After thoroughly enjoying Hooked On Records’ first vinyl release of Defeated by Man the Change, I was intrigued to see what could come next for the newly formed, and obviously possessing good taste, label. That release, a new 7″ record from the newly reunited Big Spin, titled I Miss My Friends, served as a great introduction to the Mexican punk rock group, making a new fan following only a few spins. And for those who’ve followed the group prior, you should be impressed with the band’s return.

Side A features the title track, starting off with a slow, yet elegant guitar riff (with drums to match), while suddenly cutting deep into an up-tempo musical breakdown, making for quite the exciting three minute running time. Going into full rock mode, the fast paced and sharp guitar riffs are accompanied by quick hitting lyrical work, culminating with the deliberate delivering of the namesake lyrics.

They don’t exactly let up on the B-side of “They Take Away,” utilizing an extending instrumental intro, which eventually gives way to yet another fast paced aural experience. Biting lyrical work has the band lamenting, “They take away your life/They take away everything you strife for/They take away our lives/And I know this has all been said.” And while that last line indicates a staleness within the message, the passion accompanying the words injects energy into a common theme among the punk genre. The anger continues to be pounded through the gritty percussion, with more lines like “And do you think they’re thinking of you when they sign their proposals?/Well it’s clear they’re not” and  “And they think we still believe in their lies/Well I don’t.”

Sound Quality: The 7” sound is above average, the extra power behind each track helping to pull you in. Hooked On does not always use the vinyl medium on their releases, but they made the right decision for this one.

Packaging: The 7” was packaged in a standard sleeve and jacket.  The jacket itself actually opens up where the lyrics for each song are listed. The release also included a dust cover, always a nice touch.

Extras:  The release includes a digital download of the two songs.

Summary: Hooked On Records has some endearing, solid punk rock on their hands with Big Spin. From the up-tempo riffs, to the fast paced lyrics, the two songs cement the group’s place in the punk rock scene. And being a band from Mexico, the extra exposure for Big Spin is certainly nice. For that reason, Hooked On Records did us all a favor.

Make Sure to Spin: “I Miss My Friends”

Big Spin’s 7″ is still available over at Hooked On Records’ webstore on transparent red vinyl or black vinyl.

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Bill Houck

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