Forthcoming album from Counting Crows up for pre-order

Preorders / August 6, 2014

The latest full-length from Counting Crows, titled Somewhere Under Wonderland, is now up for pre-order. The album is receiving a great deal of bundle options, a rundown of which can be viewed below.

  • The standalone release is available for purchase on black vinyl, and includes the deluxe edition of the digital album.
  • One bundle option includes a T-shirt featuring the album artwork, the album on black vinyl, and the deluxe edition of the digital album.
  • The vinyl album can be purchased, along with a CD version of the release, in tandem with a hardcover book filled with lyrics, credits, and more.
  • Another includes the album on black vinyl and a collection of limited-edition 12×12″ lithographs and lyric prints in a folio.
  • A third bundle includes the vinyl, the folio, and the album artwork T-shirt.
  • A fourth bundle pairs the folio and the book together.
  • A fifth option — the largest choice — bundles the folio, the book, and the album artwork T-shirt together.

Regardless of your choice, each pre-order includes an instant download of three tracks from the record: “Palisades Park”, “Scarecrow”, and “God of Ocean Tides”. You can view the complete list of bundle options here.

Somewhere Under Wonderland is set to be released September 2nd, with pre-orders shipping on or around that date.


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