Exclusive Spin: Weak Teeth — Suckfest Convention

Exclusive Spin / News / September 12, 2014

“Suckfest Convention,” the first taste of Weak Teeth‘s upcoming sophomore album, So You’ve Ruined Your Life, certainly falls more within one side of their self-described “emo-damaged hardcore” genre. Blasting out of the gate, the track hits at breakneck speed, never quite taking a moment to breathe throughout its 90-second running time. As they often do, though, flourishes of a softer side work their way into the track (in this case giving the vocalist that moment to breathe) which surely will lead to more full length variation than you’d usually expect out of the hardcore genre.

The Rhode Island-based outfit will release the album this fall, with Tor Johnson Records, FITA Records (UK) and Riotous Outburst Records (PVD) assisting. You can see the new album art above, while “Suckfest Convention” and the tracklisting can be found below. See how many movie references you can grab in those 13 tracks (I’ve got 3 pretty good ones right now).

1. If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Kill Yourself
2. Life Is Bullshit, Miroki
3. Facebath III: Cube Zero
4. ‘I Do Believe We’re Naked’ By Funky-See Funky-Do
5. Anything Helps, God Bless
6. Dumb Fuckin’ White Man
7. Back Home, Years Ago
8. Suckfest Convention
9. I fly. I’m Pilot.
10. I’m Better Than Okay
11. Providence Music Scene Soccer Camp Trophy
12. Everything Is Terrible
13. Nothing Is Cool

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