Exclusive Spin: Ivory Deville — Drainpipe

Exclusive Spin / News / October 6, 2014

Possessing both the touch of a past generation and the energy of a band newly emerged from the raucous youth of basement shows,  Ivory Deville delivers a wide reaching brand of rock ‘n roll that should appeal to just about all listeners. This feeling, immediately present in that beginning riff of “Drainpipe,” is what makes lines like “Everywhere I go I’m feeling like a god damn stranger” a bit of an audible juxtaposition. You see, this L.A.-based 5-piece has an effortless comfort to their sound, which should allow you to settle right into their upcoming debut album.

The self-titled effort is up for pre-order through Kill/Hurt Records and you can see the tracklisting below. The album will be released on December 9th.

Side A
1. Tattered (4:00)
2. The Shaker (4:30)
3. Abyssinia (3:30)
4. Valley Girls (3:26)
5. Dancehall (2:56)
Total Length Side A: 18:22
Side B
6. White Lights (4:13)
7. Starline Blues (6:28)
8. Drainpipe (3:19)
9. Drags (4:49)
10. El Passo (3:19)
Total Length Side B: 22:08
Total Length: 40:30

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Christopher Lantinen
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