Song Of The Day: Into It. Over It. — 30 Ft. Spirit

Song of The Day / November 21, 2014

The Week’s Theme

“Winter Weather”
In honor of snow’s first seasonal appearance

It’s no secret to any student of the Evan Weiss School of emo storytelling that his bold 52 Weeks project finds each track chronicling a different seven-day capsule with varying degrees of intensity. The quieter, reserved fare – usually suffocating through a heavy fog of recording static – are perfect for a snowstorm in tone. Luckily, “30 Ft. Spirit” tackles this chilly climate with its topic, as well, telling of Weiss’ 4D screening of The Polar Express at the Baltimore Aquarium, taking in the sights and sounds with a smirking objectivity. Kids are crying that they want to go home, and, eventually, after being lost on a slush-drowned drive back to New Jersey, Weiss and his companions definitely ache for the same thing.

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James Cassar
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