Black Friday 2014 Must Haves: Green Day — Tune in, Tokyo Live EP

Black Friday 2014 / November 24, 2014

As part of Black Friday 2014, we here at Modern Vinyl will be counting down our Top  “Must Haves” from the recently released lists. First up is an entry from Zach Behm focusing on Green Day’s “Tune In, Tokyo.”

What Is It?

Tune in, Tokyo is a great little compilation of live tracks recorded during the Japanese leg of Green Day’s 2001 tour which supported their album Warning. Each track on the release — with the exception of “King for a Day” — originate from that album, so if Warning is not your cup of tea you may want to avoid this. If you like/love Warning (as I do) this will be a must have. Every song is performed with the ferocious energy and crowd interaction Green Day’s live shows are known for. On the track “King for A Day” band leader Billie Joe Armstrong plays that crowed interaction game he always does, where he yells “AAA OHH” and the crowed is meant to match it. Each time he yells, it gets progressively longer to the point that the crowd can’t keep up with him because he is carrying the note so long. Up to this point the live EP has not been sold in the U.S. Fans have had to resort to buying an imported copy on CD if they wanted to add this to their collection. Green Day have supported vinyl since the early ’90s, so it’s really neat to see them continue that by bringing more of their obscure, hard to find titles to their vinyl discography. It’s no Bullet in a Bible, but it’s a must have for any Green Day fan.

How Difficult Will It Be To Find?

Tune in, Tokyo comes pressed on transparent blue colored vinyl, limited to 5,000 units. Don’t let the word “limited” scare you into thinking you can’t score yourself a copy. 5,000 is a huge pressing number, so don’t stress yourself out if you really want this. Based on past releases that have had this large of a pressing, it’s safe to say that online retailers and mom and pop record shops will have multiple copies for sale throughout the day. Then again, the recent vinyl reissue of Kerplunk, limited to 1,000, copies sold out quickly through Adeline’s Records online store. Take that however you want – I would suggest that you try to buy it on Black Friday, but you probably don’t need to rush out and wait in line to get it if this is all you are after.

How’s That Price?

The list price for Tune in, Tokyo seems to be around $18. For 33 minutes of music this is around a fair price in today’s market. Let’s just hope it has sturdy packaging and maybe an insert.

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Zachary Behm
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