Song of the Day: Dan Deacon — Feel The Lightning

Song of The Day / January 8, 2015

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If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see Dan Deacon perform — whether on the festival circuit or opening for Arcade Fire — then you know how enormously entertaining he is. His geeky interaction with his audience and trigger happy attitude is something we don’t often see anymore and unsurprisingly (and thankfully), that same amount of charisma and presence is found in his studio recordings, which contain heavily-layered compositions, but that are so epic in scale that it pretty much evens out into this beautiful glitchy rainbow of sound.

Though he sometimes sports thoughtful lyricism, it’s electronic, instrumental 8-bit pop that’s his game (or video game, I might say), and he’s so far propelled it enough past the underground scene that I honestly can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us when he releases his next album at the end of February this year, titled Gliss Riffer.

Gliss Riffer is being bounced around as Deacon’s “most accessible” album yet and that might be true when you consider listening to today’s song, the album’s first single, “Feel The Lightning.” Sonically, it’s fuzzy and bright like the funny looking, Miley Cyrus tongue-spitting green hand character that sits childishly with flower pants on the album’s cover, with lyrics about thousands of eyes. And, in regard to composition, it’s a much poppier affair.

This isn’t to say Deacon’s lost any of his unique touch, as he’s delivered another fine electronic track that might come from an album that will be his true breakthrough. Let’s hope so. Watch the Pee Wee Herman-inspired music video for the track down below and consider it for yourself.

Gliss Riffer will be released on Feb. 24 via Domino Records. If you like what you hear, purchase the record, and pre-order it now to receive the record on red colored vinyl and a limited edition 12” inflatable Gliss Riffer hand.

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