Song Of The Day: Sleater-Kinney — Don’t Think You Wanna

Song of The Day / January 13, 2015

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Favorite Sleater-Kinney Tracks
With the pending release of “No Cities To Love,” the monumental 8th studio album from the Pacific Northwest band, as well as their return from a decade-long hiatus, we take a look at our favorite tracks from their discography.

Sleater-Kinney’s return has given me a great excuse to dig a little deeper into the band’s past, deeper than I have in my occasional adoration for them in previous years. And while I’ve always been fond of the band’s self-titled, slightly sloppy debut, I had no idea it was recorded in a single day while in Australia. It makes sense, I suppose, with the album coming in at only 22 minutes and most songs drifting in and out before making the huge impact future works would. But when listening through again, it was that opener, “Don’t Think You Wanna,” that’s the most interesting, the initial riff carrying some real gloom with it.

The partially screamed chorus is the main highlight and was an introduction to two women who weren’t making music to be ignored. The repeating of “They know what you are” within the verse is effective, given the themes of identity strewn about their catalog. I’m sure I’ll be doing some more exploring of their tunes throughout the week if you’d like to join in.

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Christopher Lantinen
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