Song of the Day: Sleater-Kinney — Leave You Behind

Song of The Day / January 14, 2015

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Favorite Sleater-Kinney Tracks

With the pending release of “No Cities To Love,” the monumental 8th studio album from the Pacific Northwest band, as well as their return from a decade-long hiatus, we take a look at our favorite tracks from their discography.

I wish I could say that I was one of those “cool girls” who was listening to Sleater-Kinney before it was technically cool to do so. Sadly, I’m not. I only started listening to them within the last five years or so, and if I’m being honest, I regret not getting into them sooner. Their music is definitely something that 13-year-old me would have embraced back in middle school, and even into the throes of high school.

With that said, the first Sleater-Kinney song I listened to was “Leave You Behind,” from their 2000 album, All Hands on the Bad One. Compared to many of the songs on the album, “Leave You Behind” is much softer, and perhaps a bit more light-hearted. And then there’s the beautiful harmonies that add to the song’s relative softness. The subject matter is a bit of a downer, but the song just sounds so happy and optimistic that you get lost in the sunny disposition, despite it being a breakup song. When listening to it, there’s no need to feel heavy, so don’t question yourself about it.

One thing to take from this song is that it’s okay to let go and you shouldn’t linger; just think clearer about a place you used to call home.

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