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News / Song of The Day / March 5, 2015

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In honor of the band’s ongoing tour, we’re going to hit on 5 of our favorite Cursive tracks.

While I Am Gemini isn’t exactly the most celebrated of the group’s career, it does begin in electric fashion with “This House Alive,” a track full in body and maybe even a little full in spirit. Commencing with the creak of the title House, Tim Kasher sings, “There are voices in the attic/Wispy whispers past the cabinets,” slowly giving the home human-like characteristics. The haunted house mentality driving the song, and setting up the concept album and story of good and evil twin brothers, is a love of Kasher’s, as he talked about his “attraction to the gothic” in an interview around the album’s release.

Further delving into that concept, Cursive explained it to the LA Times at the time of release:

One is good and the other is evil, and their unexpected reunion in a creepy house ignites nothing short of a struggle for the soul, played out with a cast of supporting characters that includes a chorus of angels and devils, as well as twin sisters conjoined at the head.

He’s not exactly dealing with simple topics and structures here, ha. That point is truly emphasized in the song’s hook, which is “herky-jerky” in nature, the guitar riff pulling you in every which direction.

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