RSD 2015: Cypress Hill’s first single getting reissued

News / Record Store Day 2015 / March 24, 2015

The first single from Cypress Hill, which featured “The Phuncky Feel One” and “How I Could Just Kill A Man” is being reissued on Record Store Day on 7″ wax.

Part of the delay may have been the aural dichotomy shown here – “The Phunky Feel One” is a ridiculously funky groover, laced with liquid flows that might not create a full-on party vibe, but certainly brought listeners to the brink of the dancefloor. The flip, which eventually became the group’s breakthrough (thanks in part to its use in the climax to the film “Juice”), was a claustrophobic exploration of the gang lifestyle and mindset that was prevalent in the LA of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. “Here is something you can’t understand,” the chorus snarled, “How I could just kill a man.”

Furthermore, “Phuncky” was the label’s choice for a first single, while “How I Could” was actually how the band wanted people to see them. This was originally a 12″ single, but that classic artwork is being printed on a 7″ jacket now, with a “special matte black 2nd outer sleeve, embossed with the seminal skull design.”

Record Store Day will be held on April 18th. See all our news, here.

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