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The Week’s Theme

RSD2015: The Reissues

Record Store Day is coming up and this week we’re picking our favorite tracks off of reissues being released.

So with Vampire Weekend’s last full length album, Modern Vampires Of The City, we’re talking quite literally about my favorite record of 2013, an LP begging for a follow-up and one, to me, that fully legitimized the much maligned outfit. So it was surprising a high profile remix like the one we’re looking at today actually snuck by me. The remix of album standout (seriously where was I on this?) “Step,” includes Danny Brown, Heems and Despot, with actual Vampire Weekend-owned vocals a rarity in the new treatment. And after an identical opening, Brown takes over, altering the lyrical content, but retaining the central message of identifying the legitimacy of a potential partner. Brown’s a bit more confrontational in his take, threatening an onlooker, while Koenig is more concerned with where exactly his girl is picking up underground music.

And I suppose that’s the magic of this remix. While not as great as the original (actually it’s very, very far away from that original) it’s a legitimately different approach, one that switches genre, words and allows different voices to flow throughout the provided instrumentals. Wish more remixes took this approach.

The Record Store Day 12″ single release will be on 3,000 copies of white vinyl and will be released through XL Recordings, who handled the original record. And actually, I remember this listing popping up like over a year ago but it’s been pushed back until this point.

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