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The Week’s Theme

RSD2015: The Reissues

Record Store Day is coming up and this week we’re picking our favorite tracks off of reissues being released.

I was really, really into The Used at one point. The self-titled album first caught my attention, but In Love and Death and Lies For The Liars solidified my love, the latter weirdly put down by fans in the following years. Unfortunately, it all started to wane by the time Artwork was released and today, I really don’t bother to check out any new material (I had to look up to see what the last album they released was). Between those two eras, though, was a B-sides compilation, titled Shallow Believer, featuring our current focus, “Devil Besides You.”

The track, mysteriously not placed on any prior record (would have fit in fine on Lies), features Bert McCracken’s trademark grimy vocals, along with the band’s talent for making the unhappiest of lines actually sound sorta pleasant, the bright, pop-rock guitars promising a good time. McCracken sings “I hope I never see your face again,” over and over again in the bridge, breaking into a scream for just a second. And the finishing breakdown is as fun as the band’s ever been. This compilation may finish quite poorly, with really the last 4 to 5 songs pretty “skippable,” but the first three are all keepers, led by “Devil Beside You.”

Record Store Day will supply us with the first ever vinyl pressing of Shallow Believer. The pressing will be limited to 3,000 copies.

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