RSD Must Haves: Billie Joe Armstrong — Live Freaky! Die Freaky!

News / Record Store Day 2015 / Special Features / April 14, 2015

As part of Record Store Day 2015, we here at Modern Vinyl will be highlighting our Top “Must Haves” from the recently released lists. Next up is an entry from Zach Behm focusing on the upcoming 7″ picture disc from Billie Joe Armstrong, titled “Live Freaky Die Freaky.” The release hails from Frontier Records.

What Is It?

Before Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong made his on-stage acting debut in the Broadway adaptation of his band’s seminal rock opera American Idiot, the west coast punker lent his voice to a tasteless stop motion musical romp known simply as Live Freaky, Die Freaky directed by John Roecker. Live Freaky, Die Freaky, is an interesting film to say the least… it’s a stop motion, musical comedy telling a highly fictionalized version of the Charles Manson Family murders, featuring Tim Armstrong of Rancid as the narrator, and Billie Joe Armstrong (no relation), as the voice of Charles Manson. The film is not that great, but the level of poor taste involved, and the voice talent provided (the film also features the voices of Travis Barker, Tre Cool, Mike Dirnt, Joel Madden, Kelly Osbourne, Benji Madden, and Henry Rollins) makes it something to at least see once.

The music found on this release is fun in context with the rest of the film and it’s really cool that something this obscure, with a small cult following is making its way on vinyl. These kind of releases keep Record Store Day interesting. The standout song of the 7” is the fairly catchy track, “Mechanical Man.” The song is your basic – get to know the main character – musical number, only the lyrics poke quite a bit of fun at Charles Manson, and his entire psychotic, manipulative, self-indulgent thing. The other tracks on the 7” are fun, featuring Travis Barker, Jane Wiedlin and Roddy Bottum, but do not hold up nearly as well as the first.

How Difficult Will It Be To Find?

The 7″ has a pressing number of 2,500, which should be pretty huge considering the subject material. Given both of these aspects, I would venture to say the 7″ will be fairly easy to find on RSD, as most people will probably gloss over it. Then again, it may have a huge “BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG” sticker on the cover, which could be good or bad.

How’s That Price?

Ridiculous. I am really interested in this release, but the price tag sits at $17.97, which is way to high for a 7″, let alone one for such an obscure property. My guess is that this price tag comes from the fact that this is a picture disc. Why they needed this to be on picture disc is beyond me.

The poor price point aside, this is a fun and interesting release for Record Store Day and I hope it sells well so labels can see that fans want more of this kinda stuff for the “holiday.”

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Zachary Behm
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