RSD Must Haves: Chvrches — Dead Air/Get Away

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As part of Record Store Day 2015, we here at Modern Vinyl will be highlighting our Top “Must Haves” from the recently released lists. Next up is an entry from Chris Lantinen where he discusses the new 7″ single from Chvrches, featuring “Dead Air” and “Get Away.”

What Is It?

Perhaps it’s just because I’m desperate for another full length from the Scottish outfit, but this 7″, featuring two unrelated singles, has shot to the top of my respective list. “Dead Air” hails from the newest Hunger Games soundtrack (Mockingjay: Part 1), while “Get Away” actually comes from a cinematic experience I just hated the idea of, the re-scoring of Drive by Zane Lowe. But anyways, I figured since both songs were pretty detached from each other, I’d look at each one individually:

“Dead Air” — The more traditional Chvrches track of the two, the electronic beat is immediately accompanied by the angelic, sweet vocals of Lauren Mayberry, while the hook is more a stylized variation of the verse instrumentals. The lyrics actually match up quite well with the film it hails from, touching on the struggles of social change, and the replacement of “fist over fist” when it comes to revolutionary change. And as she sings in the hook, “We are all just dead air,” you feel for our fictional rebels and their concerns. Usually tracks from these teen franchises ring hollow, but not this one.

“Get Away” — Besides the clever title, the track begins with distorted vocal work from Mayberry, and continues with darkened, yet romantic lyrical work, much like the content of the film it was recorded for. Mayberry bluntly states, “Trust me when I tell you/We are on our own,” before reigning in the dark on the hook, singing “I’ll be your guide so you can see.” And while the song drags a bit toward the conclusion, the synth layering is interesting enough to keep your attention.

How Difficult Will It Be To Find?

Well, I’ve got a couple things going against me. One, this 7″ is only on the UK list, which means I’ll have to wait out the first day sales and pick this up online. And it’s only limited to 1,000 copies, which is a relatively small run for an outfit of this popularity. On the other hand, though, 7″s move notoriously slow on RSD, unless there’s some special track (see the Sunny Day Real Estate return in past years). I think there will be some copies available online for those who want one. Maybe keep this link handy?

How’s That Price?

At 7.99 British pound you’re looking at a pretty expensive 7″, especially if you’ll have to order from the United States. That equals out to over $11, before shipping. To make things a little more confusing, this is actually available for pre-order at some indie stores, including Bull Moose, with a release date of 10 days after RSD. But again, it’s pricey at $16. God I wish it wasn’t so ridiculous.

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Christopher Lantinen
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