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News / Record Store Day 2015 / Special Features / April 15, 2015

As part of Record Store Day 2015, we here at Modern Vinyl will be highlighting our Top “Must Haves” from the recently released lists. Next up is an entry from Chris Lantinen where he discusses the first ever pressing of the “Frank” soundtrack, courtesy of Silva Screen Records. 

What Is It?

I’ve written and talked a ton about the Frank soundtrack in recent months, to the point where I’m bordering on overkill for my love. All I’ll say is that if you haven’t seen the film, see it immediately, and know The Soronprfbs (the movie’s fictional band led by actor Michael Fassbender) is just about the perfect commentary on the indie rock conflict. How do we retain our integrity and actually, well, make interesting music at the same time? I’ll focus on Silva Screen’s physical presentation here, as this is the soundtrack’s first ever vinyl release. The single LP is on transparent green wax, while an actual mask of the Frank head is included in the purchase. And it kicks off with “I Love You All,” the actual radio-worthy track that resulted from the film, and the one that’s streaming below. This version also sports a “previously unrelased version” of “Frank’s Most Likeable Song…Ever,” which accompanies one of the film’s best moments.

How Difficult Will It Be To Find?

The U.S. list says that stateside retailers will have 500 copies, while the UK list has a 1,000 pressing quantity. For my sake, I hope we’re looking at a combined 1,500 copies, because I do feel film fans will be scooping this one up. It’s obviously not going to be like getting that Guardians of The Galaxy tape on Black Friday (which weirdly became easily obtainable in the days following) but it was an indie darling and there’s a ton of crossover in those two fanbases. Grab it if you see it.

How’s That Price?

Unfortunately, for the single LP, we’re looking at a $37 price tag. I would assume much of this has to do with the mask, but that’s still a chunk of change. The UK version comes out to be a little cheaper, at less than $30 (before shipping).

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Christopher Lantinen
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