RSD Must Haves: Polaris – Music from The Adventures of Pete & Pete

News / Record Store Day 2015 / Special Features / April 17, 2015

As part of Record Store Day 2015, we here at Modern Vinyl will be highlighting our Top “Must Haves” from the recently released lists. Next up is an entry from Zach Behm where he discusses the reissue of Polaris’ “Pete & Pete” soundtrack.

What Is It?

Apparently ’90s nostalgia is still alive and kicking in 2015 as far as vinyl is concerned… First, it was a compilation album of ’90s Nickelodeon cartoon theme songs put out by Enjoy the Ride Toons Records, then a Doug and the Beats 7” from the same label. Now, this first ever pressing of music from The Adventures of Pete & Pete by the used-to-be fictional band, Polaris. This release is put out by The Mezzotint Label as a RSD exclusive release. Polaris was a kind-of fictional band, comprised of members of ’90s indie rock group Miracle Legion. The music and the musicians were real (and good), but the band never toured live together when the show was on air, existing primarily as a group confined within the realm of the fictional television sitcom.

Well, it’s been 20 years since Pete & Pete graced our CRT TVs, and Polaris’ album – much like the show as a whole – has maintained a strong cult following over the years, and it continues to grow. So much so that within the last year, members of the group left their fictional past behind, reformed as Polaris, and embarked on a sold-out, well-reviewed tour across the United States. Banking off of this success, Mezzotint has decided to put out Music from The Adventures of Pete & Pete on 12-inch black vinyl for the big day. You can check out the entire album on YouTube and Spotify. You can also listen to the extended version of the show’s super-freaking-catchy theme song “Hey Sandy” below.

How Difficult Will It Be To Find?

With a release like this, you have to take into account both the pressing number and how relevant the item is when looking at the RSD shoppers. Lots of the serious record collectors who go out early on Record Store Day are in their mid-20s, putting them at the age where this probably was a show they grew up with (I am included in this). On top of that, this cohort loves ’90s nostalgia so with only 2,100 records being pressed, it could be a difficult release to find if you are going to your local mom-and-pop record shop late in the day. On the flip-side, I may be assuming way to much.

How’s That Price?

$23.97. Not horrible for a single LP with 12 songs, but also a little high given the material (but that tends to be the case with RSD). I would not count on any extras being included either. I am guessing a simple white inner sleeve and a download code. Oh well, releases like this make Record Store Day fun! More please!

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Zachary Behm
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