Exclusive Spin: Marietta — Waking Up Never Felt So Dizzy

Exclusive Spin / News / April 24, 2015

While not a completely new release, Marietta’s upcoming 7″ Cuts serves as a completionist’s dream after ’90s emo faithfuls found undeniable promise in the Philadelphia four-piece’s OKMom EP, their pair of contributions to the now-anthologized Couples Therapy split with their best neighbors in Modern Baseball or the yelp-heavy, haphazard-yet-harrowing full-length that followed it, 2013’s explosive Summer Death. There’s one more release of note in the boys’ belt, one so integral to a DIY scene’s starter kit: the self-recorded demo EP.

“Waking Up Never Felt So Good” isn’t given a grade-A remaster or re-do for its first physical transition. In fact, its 2012 presence on Bandcamp seems to just be swapped in metadata and mission statement. Yet, its inclusion here isn’t a cash-in, but rather, a qualifier. With a handful of other catalog inclusions serving as hindsight, it’s easy to see why Summer Death or Couples Therapy remain so influential in the Philly or elsewhere scenes. Erratic drums and guitar pave the way for equally troubled vocals, the lyric set reading like a poster-child for Pabst-soaked self-reflexivtiy: “I am a waking hypocrite, I’m an illegitimate, every breath I breathe is just a lie.”

While both Marietta’s instrumentation and inner sanctum remain in the beta stage on this track, its undergirding backbone is what made the rest of their discography stand up so straight in the first place.

Cuts is set to ship on or around May 18th via Dog Knights Productions in the UK and Skeletal Lightning in the US. The 7″ release is limited to 500 copies, split between solid grey (limited to 150 copies, Dog Knights exclusive) and seafoam green (limited to 350 copies). You can pre-order your copy from Dog Knights here and Skeletal Lightning here.

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