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News / Special Features / May 4, 2015

With Brand New’s Deja Entendu finally coming back to vinyl, both in a Record Store Day and standard version, the holy grail on many lists has been crossed off, the insane secondary market fees and desperate searches hopefully a memory of the past (although people are still somehow paying big bucks for the RSD version). It got me thinking…what will be the next mythical find, the next “White Whale” we unite on, the next we bother a label endlessly about and the next we may just get together and cry about.


Now in our list, remember a couple things.

1. I’m trying to stick primarily within similar genre ground to Brand New, but if you’re an expert elsewhere, leave your suggestions in the comments!

2. This does not count albums that have never been pressed. Reissues only, so copies are out on the market.

Just A Year Ago

Well, I actually had this piece written a few days ago, with Jack’s Mannequin’s Everything In Transit in the top spot. But, since that’s thankfully getting reissued as part of its 10th anniversary, it was moved off the list. And this speaks to a bigger difficulty when coming up with these titles……everything is kinda getting pressed!

Think about it. Jimmy Eat World’s Futures would have been on this a year ago, as would Clarity. Copeland’s You Are My Sunshine was a crazy buy before its reissue by Shop Radio Cast. Hot Topic has just about cleaned up any need for Blink 182 pressings 1, while Triple Crown knocked out a later Brand New product, The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me. Even soundtracks like Inception and Friday Night Lights could have made this list without their recent reissues. And put Death Cab’s Transatlanticism and Say Anything’s Is A Real Boy to the would-be list. We’ve been spoiled lately, but there’s a still a few that could have “Deja Potential.”

The List

Straylight Run — The Needles The Space
This major label release from a now defunct band doesn’t go for sky-high prices, but it’s very limited and if it gains a cult following in the years following….
Almost Famous Soundtrack
A ton of soundtracks have been reissued in recent years, but this Cameron Crowe product isn’t one of them. He releases vinyl through his Vinyl Films label and the original run is limited to only 2,500.
Mae — The Everglow
Released on Record Store Day 2012, we haven’t really heard a peep out of this Tooth and Nail release. Now only if Spartan Records can get their hands on this one, like “Destination: Beautiful.” 
New Found Glory — From The Screen To Your Stereo
A Drive-Thru release that doesn’t seem due for a repressing for well, ever, this could be an item that sneaks up in price. According to Dead Format, there’s only about 1,000 copies in the wild. And if this band ever disbanded? Nostalgia prices. Our only hope is probably Drive-Thru itself, which recently started taking pre-orders on Hellogoodbye’s self-titled EP. Maybe they dig into their catalog a little more. 
Further Seems Forever — The Moon Is Down
I’ve heard rumors……but until then the much-loved album from the recently reunited Chris Carrabba outfit is bound to be a difficult find. The last few copies sold on the secondary market went for at least $150. It will only get worse as this album’s fandom continually grows.
Thrice — The Alchemy Index
Had to add this one in following a social media response. A pretty easy inclusion. Last two on secondary market sold for over $250. The 4×10″ set is one that’s been desired for a long time from this audience.

Motion City Soundtrack — My Dinosaur Life

The 2010 full length album was a return to form for fans following the underrated Even If It Kills Me, venturing back to the aggressive palate painting long-standing favorite, Commit This To Memory. And upon release, it actually received two vinyl versions, one being the standard black wax and another being the 7″ box set. The standard version hasn’t skyrocketed in value, but it still will run you around $75 on the secondary market. The box set, on the other hand, will cost you around $150 to $200, with the six picture discs accompanied by an artwork book, lyric book and bonus CD (if they happened to keep it before reselling).

But most of all, I don’t see this one getting pressed anytime soon. You see, the previous records and especially the ones that keep popping up for sale either in different variants or found copies, were through Epitaph. Commit This To Memory was a hard one to grab, but has since been reissued through both Epitaph and on sale at Hot Topic. My Dinosaur Life was through Columbia, which could be causing this delay.

Jack’s Mannequin — The Glass Passenger

While not quite as crazy as the demand for Everything In Transit (which again is getting a reissue) the Andrew McMahon-led outfit’s second full length record has not been reissued since that original release. The 2xLP set came with a nice little lyric book and a gatefold jacket (with lyrics again, why not I guess). End prices for these auctions often run up to $200 and with this being another major label affair (Sire/Warner Brothers) who knows when this will get that reissue treatment. McMahon has succeeding in prying other albums from that system, so the effort is certainly there. Or another smaller label who’s had success in that system would have to make the attempt.

And I know that just about everyone prefers that debut record, but is The Glass Passenger a more refined version of that original mission? Everything has the stronger thematic concept behind it, but Glass may just have the better tracks. Listen to “Hammer and Strings,” “Caves” and “Miss California.” I’m not sure myself, but let’s just give that comparison a chance.

Taking Back Sunday — Louder Now

Well received at its release, the admiration for the band’s major label, 2006 record has only grown throughout the years. “MakeDamnSure” is truly a mainstream standout for the often altered lineup and it received this one and only pressing at that original release. On black vinyl, a couple copies recently went for $200 and that’s been a 2015 commonality.

Taking Back Sunday has of course departed from Warner Brothers and even when they were still on the label, they didn’t even press the self-titled album onto wax. So, why exactly would Warner dig this one out unless a small label pried it away from them? And this is a particularly frustrating one because of how long it was available before it vanished. I remember it drifting around Best Buy in those days when we were getting $5 LPs in their sales (those were the days I’ll tell my children about) but I just never snagged it. Could haunt many of us.

Dashboard Confessional — A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar

Is it just me or has the song “Hands Down” somehow worked its way back into the public consciousness? Whether it’s being sung at a birthday party or it’s being used as a Drake punchline, the song just keeps coming back! It’s still pretty awesome, though, so I’ll let it pass. The album received one U.S. pressing at the time of its original release and those Vagrant/Dashboard products have been notoriously difficult to find on vinyl (more on that in a second).

They don’t seem overly interested in a Dashboard reissue campaign and I hope that’s just an illusion. A Mark, A Mission would be a logical starting point, being their most commercially successful work, but again, it’s Vagrant. This one recently sold for around $130, but you can snag it for around $40 if you’re lucky.

Ben Folds — Songs For Silverman

With Whatever and Ever Amen finally getting reissued, it’s now on this 2005 release to be the much requested entry of the piano man’s catalog. The gem of Folds’ long solo career, the home to top flight tracks like “Bastard” and “Landed” received one pressing, at the time of its original release in 2005. And the 2xLP set runs over $100 if you want to grab it today.

Like many others on this list, I don’t see why exactly they would reissue it, given we’ve heard nothing and how the 10-year anniversary was just a few days ago. And like our next item, Songs For Silverman could just get lost in time, slowly creeping up in price.

The Killers — Hot Fuss

From what I’ve been able to gather, there was one release in 2004, with 5,000 copies as a single LP (translucent blue/baby blue marble) and 5,000 copies as a 7″ box set, while a 2009 reissue included a T-shirt. Beyond that, there’s a mess of bootlegs, with no other official releases of this album. A massively popular record when first released, we’ve officially passed its 10th anniversary, which isn’t good for a record just being randomly reissued by a major label. In other words, unless the band takes a keen interest in getting their back material onto vinyl again, we could be in for a long wait on this front.

The mass amount of bootlegs mostly just confuse buyers, but when you do find an official copy, it’s creeping up into the $150 range. On that same note, the Sam’s Town picture disc seems like it’s been available for absolutely forever. Underrated record.

Dashboard Confessional — The Swiss Army Romance

An album that’s tailored made for the format? Check. A record that doesn’t seem to be ripe for another reissue? Check. A welcome dose of nostalgia? Double check. You see, The Swiss Army Romance, the 2000 full length album from Dashboard Confessional was reissued back in 2010 by Drive-Thru Records in a 7″ box set, which is actually still on sale. So you can CURRENTLY get it on vinyl. But nobody wants that box set, which was limited to 1,000, so the single LP has steadily begun climbing in price, eclipsing $100 several times in 2015.  The album was even remastered for the format and everything, but, well, you know my opinion on 7″ box sets by now.

So actually, this one isn’t selling for as high as A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar, but I think that scene has a stronger connection to this early work. And there seems to be an even bigger desire given the fact that it was reissued, just in a weird way. Some new generation of emo kids are going to be paying big bucks to spin the original black pressing on whatever beginner turntable eventually replaces Crosleys.

Paramore — Riot!

You’d think Fueled By Ramen would realize the gold mine they’re sitting on with this one by now, but in 2013 they reissued All We Know Is Falling and Brand New Eyes, but left Riot! off despite its smash hit status. As a result, prices have creeped up to $200, with a copy on blue marble vinyl on sale recently. In 2007, they released 3,000 copies, across both that blue marble and white variants, while 2010 had 500 more copies enter the wild, according to Dead Format. I think another 3,000 copies would sell out rather quick, giving you some idea of the demand for this one.

I’ll be curious as to what’s kept it out of Hot Topic storefronts up until this point.

So….what are you picks?

  1. Add Hot Topic’s pending reissues of both Box Car Racer and +44 to that concept.

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