Song of the Day: The Rolling Stones — Moonlight Mile

News / Song of The Day / May 5, 2015

Behind the zipper on the Warhol designed album art on 1971’s Sticky Fingers lies one of the greatest rock and roll albums ever made. Seriously — it’s not even debatable. However, with an album full of juggernauts like “Brown Sugar” and “Wild Horses” it’s easy for some equally amazing tracks to get overlooked or lost in the mix.

“Moonlight Mile” is one of the strangest yet most impressive songs the Stones ever produced. It’s a ballad that slowly builds to have a slight Japanese feel with some lush string arrangements and piano work. It’s also one of the first Stones tracks to feature Mick Jagger on acoustic guitar. According to Keith Richards, the whole song was written by Mick and the band just figured out how to play it.

The other thing that makes “Moonlight Mile” so impressive is it’s lyrics: Jagger is normally extremely guarded about his personal life, but the words on “Moonlight Mile” seem to be more autobiographical than his previous work. The weariness of the road and drug use are the overwhelming theme, delivered with powerful metaphors and the constant idea that he’s “just about a moonlight mile down the road.”

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Alan Miller
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