Exclusive Spin: Family Bike — Everything You Own Is Anagrammed

Exclusive Spin / News / Special Features / May 19, 2015

North Carolina duo Family Bike lives up to its moniker. The sheer breadth of tones and influences present on their debut full-length, Everything You Own Is Anagrammed, is enough to outfit a larger group of people. Tracks like the adjacent “Places” and “How I Survived November” brim with a buzzing nostalgia, the former pulsing with a 20th century mid-tempo agenda and the latter licked with synth patches ripped from 1986. There are more straightforward rock cuts here, like the steady release of energy on “Dylan’s Room,” fleshed out with tiny keyboards hung low in the mix. This project may be the second two-piece from Karl Kuehn, who masquerades behind a handful of instruments (and microphones) with Museum Mouth, but Family Bike eschews most of that band’s lo-fi crunch. While both groups brandish Kuehn’s pained, expressive vocals, the latter shows more forward motion (there’s where the “bike” comes in) as an indie-pop darling rather than one feasting on pure power.

Everything You Own Is Anagrammed is available for pre-order via Negative Fun Records and Egghunt Records. The release is limited to a total of 300 random-mix vinyl copies between both labels, and has a slated release date of May 26th.

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