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Exclusive Spin / News / Special Features / May 21, 2015

It’s hard to decide if the five members in We Leave At Midnight scheduled their eponymous departure after a long slumber or an equally lengthy night spent awake. This Texan group already alternates between the musical hotbeds of Austin and San Antonio like transient, jittery pancakes, so it makes sense that their latest EP Terror Flora flips in focus between the soporific drifting of lazy, drawn-out psych-rock and the cool, collected adrenaline of a well-stocked indie powerhouse.

Perhaps the sub-minute interlude “Priest Mouth” serves as a thematic link between these two colorful spheres. It seems keyboardist Chris Guerra, who creates such lingering, spooky watercolors with a percolating piano patch, begins to play second chair to a palette of guitar feedback slowly revving up. Eventually, the warming amp noise gives way to “Run to the Ocean,” a bluesy addition which for the first time on the release, crunches with more six-string firepower than before the aforementioned “Mouth” bit down on the band’s mentality. Whereas tracks like the dreamy opener “Everyone Laughs at Their Own Mistakes” ooze with clean, elongated keyboard swirls, the last two offerings on Terror Flora offer more grit than glide, even if that added push boosts in less assaulting ways than most indie bands tasked with a change in tune.

One thing remains true through this identity crisis: We Leave At Midnight promises fun, even down to the circus-tent Muzak which closes their latest effort.

Terror Flora is available for pre-order via Texas is Funny Records digitally and on CD here, with physical orders shipping on or around its May 26th release date. A vinyl version has not yet been announced, but of course, you’ll be the first to know with MV.

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