Exclusive Spin: Wild Pink — Good Life

Exclusive Spin / News / Special Features / June 11, 2015

“Do you still believe in me like you did back in Tallahassee?” This question is posed by Wild Pink’s John Ross over a reigned-in guitar melody. The inquiry breaks without a resolution as John Frank’s tom-heavy backbeat kicks back in, but there actually isn’t much more room for character sketches in the track’s two minutes. The song’s stop/start mechanics — guitars stab and stutter against beach-ready waves of light fuzz and background whoa-ohs — create a three-act structure, whose curtain drops with Ross’ narrator pleading that he wants a “good life” without his Floridian friend, his Southern thief. Laconic without being lazy and passionate without being puerile, this vignette never loses too much kinetic energy in its pop-leaning circuity. What’s lost is innocence. However, what’s gained is perspective.

“Good Life” is the title track from Wild Pink’s forthcoming EP, set to be released June 30 via Texas is Funny Records. The release is available for pre-order digitally on cassette via the label’s official webstore.

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James Cassar
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