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Exclusive Spin / News / Special Features / June 17, 2015

If what came before Make War was called Sad and French, then what followed that somber moniker is Angry and American. What began as the acoustic solo project of guitarist/vocalist Jose Prieto has now blossomed into a three-piece whose straightforward punk rock shoots far past the searching, folk-tinged arrangements of the band’s early exoskeleton. Now resurrected as Make War, this Brooklyn battalion sets their crosshairs on oft-targeted subjects with a polished sound covering a tarnished backbone. Their debut LP beefs up every track from the Sad & French sessions with unabashed, snarling energy.

“Just Listen to the Songs” is a new addition to the running order, surging desperate force through a winded vocal delivery like a rocket. Prieto alternates between elevation and exasperation, letting his voice cruise and corrode in front of a backing band, which also blends together roughness and the radio-ready. It’s a plea with its recipient left unknown. However, its anonymity shows off the track’s widespread appeal — and hidden aplomb. Prieto & Co. are ready to do battle, and with such a refocused, modern approach in their gameplan, victory is in the cards.

“Just Listen to the Songs” is a featured track on Make War’s self-titled LP, which is now available for pre-order via Black Numbers. The release is limited to 500 copies and is purchasable on red with black smoke (limited to 200 copies) and grey vinyl (limited to 300 copies). A test press pack, which includes both variants and a test press (limited to 30 copies), is also available.

Make War will be released in the fall.

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