Exclusive Spin: why+the+wires — Paperback Boston

Exclusive Spin / News / Special Features / June 24, 2015

why+the+wires’ post-punk can be boiled down to one buzzword — “unique” — just as the typesetting of their name can be read as “fresh.” There’s a freshness to the latest notch in the Ithaca quintet’s toolbelt, perhaps emanating from Kevin Dossinger’s saxophone being the fulcrum on which rests the track’s emotional peaks and valleys. The whole scene, plus+the+sax, adds up to a nuanced environment that’s delightfully nostalgic and only slightly brassy. You’d expect a track boosted by such a bombastic instrument to be overcaffeinated, but here a dual-guitar coasting and steady rhythm section keep the song’s wires from crossing into too intense territory.

“Paperback London” comes ahead of why+the+wires’ latest LP, titled Flame Failures, which will be available digitally and on vinyl in fall 2015 via Jetsam-Flotsam and One Percent Press. We’ll keep you updated as to when pre-orders go live.

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James Cassar
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