Exclusive Spin: Tough Stuff — Let’s Move.

Exclusive Spin / News / Special Features / July 3, 2015

The caffeine that must run through Tough Stuff’s veins must wrestle violently with his own recollections of early adulthood. Here, the odes are obvious – the band recorded a song in Orange County called “Nate Wants to Party Forever” with speedy guitars as urgent as that eponymous drummer’s constant need. Sometimes, they seem silly. On “Skateboarding is the Most Important Thing Ever,” the group is locked in a punked-out battle of wits with his riding competitor, exclaiming “everyone is getting so good at skateboarding, including you” over layered drums and a doubled chord attack. But regardless of this, these lines prove never dishonest. On “Blankets,” a relationship is equated (in math-emo time) to the complications arising from sharing fabric. However, that confusion might actually stem from laziness, as on “Anything,” as is explained over rubbery instrumentals, “I don’t know where we are, but I don’t care.” Though, there seems to be some agency amid this apathy, because the rest of Tough Stuff’s Let’s Move is constructed with rushes of emo instrumentals that are so frenetic, they threaten to burst the seams of even the most hardened sloth.

Let’s Move. will be released on July 10th via Too Far Gone Records. The release will be available on vinyl in a first pressing limited to 500 copies, split between black (limited to 200 copies) and marbled purple wax (limited to 300 copies). The LP, which includes a vinyl-only track not streamable above, can be pre-ordered here.

Purchases will ship on or around the street date.

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