Exclusive Spin: Slow and Steady — From This Side of Time

Exclusive Spin / News / Special Features / August 6, 2015

From this side of time, we’ve been granted enough lenses into the hyperpersonal implosions of an acoustic-minded indie-rock project. For Nashville’s Jacob Lawter, his curiosity to mime the work of Mansions isn’t what killed his copycat. Some might go as far as to say the penultimate track on Lawter’s debut LP In Time We Belong — his first as Slow and Steady, anyway — dug his inspirations’ mainstays up from the dead. However, it’s the second act of “From This Side of Time” that showcases some surefire ingenuity as midtempo guitar swells and biting, clenched-grip percussion break for a visceral, acoustic coda. There, Lawter delivers the track’s most affecting line: “You may have lit the match, but I gave you the book.” The same can be said for Slow and Steady: his contemporaries (and musical forefathers) might have sparked his project’s emotional genesis, but Lawter’s own desire to revamp the subgenre’s subtexts and play-by-plays make for a more compelling volume.

In Time We Belong is available for pre-order via Broken Circles’ webstore. The release is limited to 500 copies, split between black (limited to 150 copies) and opaque white and translucent teal color-in-color (limited to 350 copies). You can pick up an LP or a bundle, which includes a T-shirt.

The album will be released on August 14th.

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