Modern Baseball back catalog comes to vinyl

News / Preorders / August 17, 2015

Disclaimer: James Cassar likes Modern Baseball, but only a little. Also, Matt from Cassette Corner, sell James your Couples Therapy tape. Please. 

Two releases from Modern Baseball, The Nameless Ranger and the Couples Therapy split with Marietta are now available for pre-order via Lame-O Records.

The former is being pressed on 10″ vinyl and is limited to 5,000 total copies, split between navy blue/cream half-and-half (limited to 1,000 copies), cream (limited to 2,000 copies) and navy blue (limited to 2,000 copies). The release, which was the band’s first EP, also features new outer artwork and is remastered for the format.

The split is pressed on 7″ vinyl and is also limited to 5,000 total copies, split between cyan blue/doublemint green half-and-half (limited to 1,000 copies), cyan blue (limited to 2,000 copies) and doublemint green (limited to 2,000 copies).

You can pre-order both releases here, with or without a T-shirt design which revisits the band’s first-ever apparel art. Both will ship on or around October 30th.

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