Exclusive Spin: Lawnmower — Practical Skateboard

Exclusive Spin / News / Special Features / August 19, 2015

For a band named Lawnmower to write a song about another wheeled machine is tongue-in-cheek enough. (Perhaps this choice was prefaced well by their decision to cover Jawbreaker’s “Do You Still Hate Me?” — a track which we also premiered — in an attempt to set up this undeniable self-reference.) For this Fenton, Michigan trio to deliver a surefire definition of this vehicle — a ride which promises “a way to get from point A to B in the breeze” before a nasty knee-scraping fall — is another class of humor entirely. However, this foray into two-axled antics isn’t as brash as an offering off one of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtracks, nor is it as goofy as say, an ode the Aquabats may write to such a transportation device.

After all, this skateboard is a practical one and the instrumentals have to follow suit. Guitars alternate between moderate distortion and crisp, clean crunch in even measures, while Lawnmower’s rhythm section saunters behind with hop-skip snare and steady, but audible, bass licks. Even the solo is reigned in with Replacements-grade tone. The result? A smooth ride, despite its storybook shredder lyricism.

“Replacement Skateboard” is the opener on Lawnmower’s forthcoming LP Major Head Injury, set to be released August 21st via Save Your Generation Records. The release is limited to 250 vinyl copies, split equally between orange and black colorways. The album can be pre-ordered here or in a bundle featuring the TV Dinner Vol. 2 7″ which includes a non-album track from Lawnmower and will be released on the same day.

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