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Exclusive Spin / News / Special Features / November 6, 2015

When a vocalist addresses their listener, a line as self-serving as “I hope this moves you” may be all too common: a tactic used to suggest a cheap friendliness, a wooden artist-fan relationship. Yet, when Savannah, GA’s Triathalon attempts to utter the same line — this time it’s bucked up by a buoyant falsetto — it’s only one of seven lines across a spacious soundscape which stuffs every blip of 4:20 running time drenched in post-punk mist. It’s this distance between words and washed-out sprinkles of wiry guitar lines and soggy, muddled percussion suggesting a greater sense of purpose than a response. While it’s clear that Triathalon’s “Ways” is addressed to a former flame, that desire for movement is put into motion so no one remains underwater. After all, swimming is only the first part of their eponymous race.

“Ways” is taken from Triathalon’s forthcoming LP, titled Nothing Bothers Me, which will be released November 13th via Broken Circles. As far as vinyl goes, pre-orders can either be placed for clear wax (limited to 150 copies) or opaque dark purple (limited to 350 copies). A cassette configuration, limited to 50 purple swirl tapes, is also available.

You can pre-order the release here.

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