Best of 2015: Reissues/Most Anticipated/Tape Releases

News / Preorders / Special Features / December 22, 2015

The Lineup:
12/18: 2015’s Best Musical Moments (Podcast) and 2016 Predictions (Podcast)
12/21: Top Vinyl Variants/Top Vinyl Packaging
12/22: Most Welcome Reissues/2016 Most Anticipated (Text)/Best Tape Releases
12/23: Top 50
Songs/Top Albums
Label of The Year

Most Welcome Reissues

James Cassar/MV Managing Editor
Kind Of Like Spitting — Nothing Makes Sense Without It
Weatherbox  The Cosmic Drama
The Hotelier — It Never Goes Out

Alan Miller/Writer, Podcaster (he’s launching a new show in 2016!)
The Kinks — Dedicated Kinks
Elbow — Leaders of the Free World
The Beyond OST (Death Waltz, back in circulation after Mondo release)

Zach Behm/Artist, Writer
Brand New — Deja Entendu
The Hotelier — It Never Goes Out

Meghin Moore/Interviewer, Writer
Brand New — Deja Entendu
Jack’s Mannequin — Everything In Transit

David Fisch/Writer
Menomena — Friend of Foe (Vinyl Me, Please Exclusive)
Sigur Ros — Takk

Chris Lantinen/MV Owner
Jack’s Mannequin — Everything In Transit
Phoenix — It’s Never Been Like That
Various Artists — Walk Hard OST
Daft Punk — Tron Legacy OST
Ben Folds Five — Whatever and Ever Amen
All Time Low — Put Up Or Shut Up

Most Anticipated For 2016

James Cassar/MV Managing Editor
The inevitable 10-year tours for “Hollistercore” records (Boys Like Girls’ S/T, please)
New music from Clique
Kanye? Swish? What’s the album called now?
Modern Baseball – Holy Ghost
Brand New (sure)

Alan Miller/Writer, Podcaster
Twin Peaks! DW has been hinting at it FOR YEARS now…
Field Music – Commontime
David Bowie – Blackstar
Babadook dook dook
I dunno, Brand New? Is that the right answer? Ok, Brand New.
Brand New

Zach Behm/Artist, Writer
Hopefully a new Brand New album
Hopefully a new HAIM album.
The Babadook soundtrack – Waxwork Records
A new Childish Gambino album
Twin Peaks soundtrack from mondo/death waltz

Chris Lantinen/MV Owner
The Starting Line — Anyways (this EP is awesome people)
Tancred — Out Of The Garden
The whole world getting collectively closer to a Now, Now record
Bad Books?!?! Please…please.
Another year of waiting for the Her soundtrack to be pressed
The Terminator OST being pressed by Milan Records
More Wet Hot American Summer vinyl

Best Tape Releases

James Cassar/MV Managing Editor
NMESH – Welcome to Warp Zone!
Plastic Response Records

This rules. It’s a 4 hour, 20 minute (subtle) DJ mix which is part chiptune and part vaporwave. The video game homages are well intact and Plastic Response is one of my favorite tape packaging labels because of their creative, nostalgic bent — this 3-tape behemoth was packaged in a box to mimic Sega Genesis cartridge cases.

Zach Behm/Artist, Writer
Brand New — Leaked Demos
Procrastinate! Music Traitors

Brand New’s leaked Devil and God demos finally have a physical release. This release has had a pretty entertaining, small viral marketing campaign which made it pretty fun. Fans who sent a dollar to the band — way back when Devil and God came out finally got the lyric books they sent the money in for (these books were something of an urban legend until this year). When fans got these books they also got a little humorous advertisement for the demos to be released on cassette. The cassette release is well put together, with a nice little insert with a message from the band, and a digital download.

Chris Lantinen/MV Owner
Le Rug — Game Over!
Fleeting Youth Records

Much like James’ choice, Le Rug’s Game Over! uses video games as a primary influence, both in sound and packaging. The tapes themselves are decorated like an old school Nintendo controller while lead single “Bomb” features that 8-bit synth work throughout. Besides this connection, the core album is joined by a “44-song album with a short song dedicated to each US President.” 71 tracks, all interesting and worth a spin.


Christopher Lantinen
Chris Lantinen is the owner and editor-in-chief of Modern Vinyl. Along with his modest collection of sad sounding records, he collects his share of soundtracks and previously adored indie up-and-comers. Chris is currently a professor of journalism and public relations at Edinboro University in the Erie, Pennsylvania area.

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