Exclusive Spin: GOTTEM — Infinity Blunts

Exclusive Spin / News / Special Features / January 14, 2016

The Richmond-via-Long Island surf punks in GOTTEM seem to pine for the beach — or at least an associated buzz. (Something like this?) Beneath the clouds of smoke which seem to shroud their pro-cannabis stance, their latest effort Infinity Blunts seems to roll up a brief lesson in speed trials. Opener and lead single “Hopeless Romantic” rips and roars with limber kinetic energy while closer “Veggie Walrus” climaxes with Max Gottesman’s charred howl tearing through a steady, but comparatively sluggish instrumental bridge. The midsection on this four-track ride offers nuggets of delirious, near-zombie snapshots, like the slow meandering of “Walking Alone,” which sports a topsy-turvy bass rhythm and a saltwater-soaked guitar tone that seems to be flecked by just enough distortion to make the experience swell with haze.

And after all, maybe that’s the high they want us to head towards — or at least, stay in for as long as we can.

“Infinity Blunts” will be available for pre-order tomorrow via Santapogue Media, Open Door Records and Hot Donna Music. The 7″ is limited to a first pressing of 300 copies, split evenly between kush green and granddaddy purple wax. There will also be a cassette pressing, limited to 50 copies, as well as a super-limited run of 8-track (!) tapes. Cool. You can light up and secure your copy here.

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James Cassar
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