Exclusive Spin: Loner Chic — Be a Burnout

Exclusive Spin / News / Special Features / January 14, 2016

It would be easy to dismiss Loner Chic as another entry in a very specific, yet hard-to-master subdivision of the rapidly overlapping and morphing stronghold guitar-driven indie rock has on sites like ours. Rozwell Kid’s Too Shabby owed more to writing songs titled after proposed sequels to Halloween and name-dropping early runs of The Simpsons than say, Weezer’s hair-metal dressup play, but it knew how to essentially function as a pop-driven release.

Loner Chic’s Year of the Goth (which like Too Shabby is being issued via Broken World Media) is no different, but if “Be a Burnout” is any indication of what’s to be raved about in subsequent premieres (we were first, suckers, sorry), this isn’t as vampiric or as dashed with lip-biting sarcasm as one would assume. This track, instead, is a straightforward frontseat rocker, complete with sunny, watery keys and a rumbling bass rhythm not alien to power pop’s upbeat elite. The lyrics do drag and drawl like a burnout should, but it seems more of an undercurrent than an understatement. Good thing, too — Loner Chic could find themselves celebrating a banner year, black lipstick or not.

“Be a Burnout” is taken from Loner Chic’s “Year of the Goth,” due out February 19th via Broken World Media. The LP is limited to a first pressing of 500 black units. A cassette pressing is also being released, with details to be confirmed at a later date. You can pre-order either configuration, here.

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